Ban Krud.....

Ban Krud.....

onsdag 19. september 2012

Long hot days along the Mekong.

Really been rolling last days! Made a quick move trough Pon Phisai and Bueng Khan  and am now in Ban Phaeng. Did 220 km in 3 long hot days on the Rd 212. Mostly flat and nice along the Mekong,and good for cycling.

There are some smaller roads who probably could be nicer,but i have been in "the tunnel".
Meaning i am just focused on making progress. Been doing an average of 20 km/h last 3 days! This is my goal,but so far i am not able to do it more than 100 km a day and not more than 3 days in a row.

Was considering going on today,but rumours are there are no guesthouses before i am in Nakhon Phanom,wich is a 100 km ride. I need a rest-day,basically.

Why rest? Well,i guess the most important thing is to keep in my mind that i am 53 and i did not do the best preperations for this kind of cycling..... I will pick it up enroute! And i have problems eating enough food. I really cant force myself to eat when i am not hungry. So i am loosing weight. (3 months in the gym melting off...) But i guess i will have some good portions of Tom Yum and Som Tam today on the wedding.

 South of Bkk you will see me racing to Koh Lanta!

Ban Phaeng is just another sleepy village along the Mekong. Not much tourism,but i met a few farangs (you should know what a farang is by now?)

One of the farangs is actually getting married to one of the local girls today,so i am invited in a wedding this afternoon. Will wear my wrinkeld shirt and long trousers..... Not shaving!

The cycle and the rig is preforming great! All works very well. The tires? Well,i cant belive i did not have a puncture so far. I have been cycling in some rough conditions and over broken glass and all kinds of bad stuff for normal tires. But the Schwalbe Durano Plus is still rolling. Did not even re-punp the pressure so far!

Problems so far is then just the normal stuff for long-distance cyclists:


Normally starts in the neck region,then shoulders,then my hands get numb slowly,and then my feet is getting overheated and my toes are boiling.

Cycling is painful. But as long as my knees and ancles are ok i have no worries. And that ass is greased up everymorning! :-)

I feared the uphills on day one. I did them!
I have feared stray dogs. They all run as hell when they see my strange rig come rolling!

I did really not have anymore fears. But some worries....

They all seem to be trailng behind me now!

Next report further south in Isaan.

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