Ban Krud.....

Ban Krud.....

onsdag 12. september 2012


Arrived Vientiane  yesterday after 2 days cycling in the heat of the sun.

                Not sure if the 2 days of R&R (D&S??) in Vangvieng did me any good…. Vangvieng is still  the same crazy party-place. Thousands of young backpackers travel  trough  on their asia adventure. You can do all kinds of stuff here,like rockclimbing,caving,kayaking and cycling. Surroundings are amazingly beautiful with lush green mountains,limestonecliffs,rivers and lakes. The most popular thing among the travelers has been the tubing. Seems to be changing now,cause 22 people died doing that only last year! Read about it here:

I left for the south after 2 days and finally enjoyed the roads. At least the first 10 km. Then the surface more or less dissapeared and it was rough gravel and potholes. Did 86 km in 4,30 and my gear and myself was tested. Bumpy ride at times,but 60-70 % of the road was ok. Flat and nice,just a few climbs and all was good.

But still i go to fast. I am really trying to slow it all down,but something is still driving me to push on.  Too much intensity and too little joy. I have to focus on slowing down...

Arrived Phonhong and found myself a basic guesthouse where i stayed overnight and got up early next morning to get on to Vientiane.
Roads were good! Flat! Sun was shining! And i managed to go a little slower.
Did 69 km in 3,40 on flat roads stopping for some snack and drinks on the way. Last hour was bad,though. Heavy traffic,diesel-fumes and dust all the way combined with the fact that nobody took any kind of notice of me. Was like beeing invisible!!! Annoying,and i gave some of the drivers a lection in norwegian swear-words without getting any effect...

Well,arrived Vientiane and found a nice guesthouse riverside about in the middle of the day. Had a shower,a good lunch and a much needed massage.

Changing my plans now,and have applied for a 2 months visa to Thailand. I have travelled trough Lao and Cambodia on buses and really know what i was going for.
So going trough the Isaan province in Thailand along the Mekong and down south along the borders will probably be more interesting.

So i am crossing the border tomorrow,and going to Nong Khai to spend at least one night at the Mut Mee Guesthouse. Great place to wind down and make plans.

Next report from Isaan

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