Ban Krud.....

Ban Krud.....

tirsdag 4. oktober 2011

Bangkok-Cha Am

So i left Bkk for Cha Am all based on weatherforecast. It is raining in Thailand and the north is flooded! Guess it is possible to travel,but i will wait until all is back to normal. And normal is end of rainy season mid october.
Cha Am was a nice suprise. Known for having lots of thai tourists coming in from Bkk in the weekends. But there of cause small colony of farang (farang is a westener) here also. Seems to be the right kind of farang though. Not a gogo bar in sight. Slow nightlife. Cosy bars with nice people. Most of them retired from scandinavia,and the norwegian colony is maybe the dominating here. Not usually what i am looking for,but there is a laidback feel about it here. So i enjoy Cha Am. Will stay a few days and wait for the weather to improve in the south,then go to Ko Lanta and drop some luggage before a possible travel north.

Sun is shining and i am off to the beach. 

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karo sa...

Bonjour Morten,

How was the sun on the beach? (and the water)!
We can see you can not resist for a Papaya Salad!... :)
Your blog is great because we can imagine to be with you for a Gin Tonic! ... Ahaah ! Lucky you!

Ennjooyyy your trip man
See you