Ban Krud.....

Ban Krud.....

onsdag 15. august 2012

Chaos on 20 sq m!

2 resting days are used for checking gear,buying some new stuff,testing stuff and planning,planning,planning. Been chatting with some other cyclists from different sites (Travelfish and crazyguyonabike) Lots of experience out there,and i have already adjusted my route. Will do more kilometers trouhg the Isaan-province in Thailand before crossing back into Laos by Pakse. So my well planned first 1000 km now looks a bit different. Google earth and google maps are not 100% in Lao and Cambodia,and i am planning to do this without a GPS. Old-fashioned maps is my way.

So my 20 square meter rented apartment is now full of cycles,trailer,panniers,sleeping bags,tents,matresses,cycleparts,tools and there are maps spread out all over. My landlord was a bit suprised,but now he just wanna come with me on my adventure.

Well,cycling again tomorrow. On new tyres! Schvalbe Durano Plus seems great!

More later.

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