Ban Krud.....

Ban Krud.....

onsdag 8. august 2012

Tickets and hotels booked!

Long time since last update? Yes,i have been busy getting as much hours as possible on the bike with the full rig. Longest ride so far was a good 120 km. Learned that the seat i had chosen was not the right seat. Did get cramps in my hamstrings.... I  am now using a Selle Italian XO Genuine Gel,and it feels better.

My friends who did 2880 km from Norway to Greece this summer made my choise of tyres easy: Schwalbe Durano Plus. They did totally almost 10000 km without a flat tyre! And they did their ride on carbon full racers with real tiny race-tyres. (They also used the extra-wheel trailers).
But i will do the first 500 km to Vientiane on the original Kenda Kwicker cause there are reports from other cyclists about some gravel and rough roads.

First 1000 km is almost planned now,and i guess i will be in Vientiane within 5-7 days.(depends whats going on in Vang Vieng....) There i will make a desicion about continue in Lao or cross over to Thailand and cycle trough the Isaan-province and then cross back into Lao in Sawannaket. Reason is reports from other cyclists that describe parts of the Lao road between Vientiane and Sawannaket as boring. Isaan will never be boring,so i guess that will be my choise.

Well,more later. I am going cycling now.....

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